As I write this post I am being serenaded through my computer speakers by some of the best country music to come out of Australia in like…ever. Late last year I had the pleasure to hang, sink beers with and shoot the belles and beasts that make up The Sloe Ruin before they’d even had their first gig. Even then you could tell there was something pretty special in the air. 4 shows in and they’ve already proven themselves a powerhouse playing to packed rooms of hootin’ and hollerin’ fans and putting on an absolutely cracking show. Don’t just take my word for it, head along to their EP launch this Friday 6th of February at The Wheatsheaf. You can also stream their EP all week for free here to get you in the mood. In the words of Walter Marsh from Rip It Up magazine “The Sloe Ruin are here to teach Adelaide music lovers that country ain’t a dirty word with the release of their debut EP.”

The Sloe Ruin Web-1The Sloe Ruin Web-5The Sloe Ruin Web-4The Sloe Ruin Web-2The Sloe Ruin Web-3P.S. Also keep a look out for Jess and Hana of the The Sloe Ruin gigging around the traps as a two piece. You won’t regret it.

It doesn’t get much more Australian than getting married in the backyard underneath the Hills Hoist, and it doesn’t get much more rock ‘n’ roll than donning a leather jacket over the bridal dress, strapping on a guitar and belting out some tunes for your guests. So much fun it was hard to leave anything out, so you might wanna grab yourself a cuppa and an iced vovo, this is a long one.


P.S. This one was too hot just for this blog, go check it out at Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride for the inside scoop and planning ideas.



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Hosted at the infamous Freemason’s Hall in Adelaide’s east end, this was the perfect venue for a delightfully lavish and cartoonishly fun event. Complete with burlesque dancers from Bellarouge and a fire twirler appropriately named Sparky, I couldn’t help but give these photos a treatment that was a little, well, you’ll see…


Great Gatsby-1Great Gatsby-2Great Gatsby-3Great Gatsby-4Great Gatsby-5Great Gatsby-6Great Gatsby-7Great Gatsby-8Great Gatsby-9Great Gatsby-10Great Gatsby-11Great Gatsby-12Great Gatsby-13Great Gatsby-14Great Gatsby-15Great Gatsby-16Great Gatsby-17Great Gatsby-18Great Gatsby-20Great Gatsby-19Great Gatsby-21Great Gatsby-22Great Gatsby-23Great Gatsby-24Great Gatsby-25Great Gatsby-26Great Gatsby-27Great Gatsby-28Great Gatsby-30Great Gatsby-31Great Gatsby-32Great Gatsby-33Great Gatsby-34Great Gatsby-35Great Gatsby-36Great Gatsby-37Great Gatsby-38Great Gatsby-39Great Gatsby-41Great Gatsby-40

Most times you do your work and before you have a chance to realise what you’ve created you’re inundated with more work and you’ve forgotten what happened just weeks before. It’s a really cool thing to see your work printed up in a magazine even when it is to promote someone else’s work, as it reminds you that what you do is tangible, real and lasting, especially in this digital age.

If you’re getting married or even thinking about it, pick yourself up a copy of Hello May as it’s full of great, quirky, creative and interesting inspiration.

This issue of Hello May features two incredibly talented friends of mine, Alastair Innes and Lucy Spartalis of She Takes Pictures He Makes Films. If you haven’t seen the magic these two create, put down whatever it is you’re doing right now and head on over.

*cover photo by the also stupidly talented Dan O’Day


Hello May blog-174Hello May blog-173

When owner of The Searchers record store and lead singer of up and coming Melbourne band Big Fayries, Jakob “Wildman” “The Moves” Schmitt asked ex Australian Ballet dancer, yoga extraordinaire and daughter of puppeteers Zoey Jasmine Hart to marry, polar ice caps sheered, nuclear reactors melted and Elvis came out of hiding stating it was “too damn hot for polyester”. Along with their gorgeous daughter Ivy, I’m pretty sure this union is single handedly responsible for the current spate of heatwaves. Don’t blame me it’s science.

Hosted at the iconic Thornbury Bowls Club and celebrated, MC’d and DJ’d by none other than ex PBS DJ Garry Seven, this wedding was fun, hilarious, tear-jerkingly sincere and Schmitt-Hot.


Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-1Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-2Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-3Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-4Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-5Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-6Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-7Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-8Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-9Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-10Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-11Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-12Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-13Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-14Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-15Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-16Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-17Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-18Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-19Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-21Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-22Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-23Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-20Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-28Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-29Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-35Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-36Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-31Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-33Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-37Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-41Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-40Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-39Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-70girlsflowersmontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-56dadhatmontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-71Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-59Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-50Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-52girlsbathroommontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-65Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-66Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-58girlsbedroommontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-26Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-44Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-45Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-80Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-81Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web Montage-7Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-76Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web Montage-8Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-95Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-46Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-87Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-96Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-98Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-100Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-101Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-103Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-72Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-106Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-105Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-104Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-108Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-209Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-109guestmontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-112Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-113Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-116Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-117Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-118girlsparkrunmontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-121Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-123Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-124Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-126Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-128Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-131Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-132Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-134Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-135Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-136guest2montageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-138Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-140Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-143Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-142Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-144Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-145altarmontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-151Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-152Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-153Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-154Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-155Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-182certificatemontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-186Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-187Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-203Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-157Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-160Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-158Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-217Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-218Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-164Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-167Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-168Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-169Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-219Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-171Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-174Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-223Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-181Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-180Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-175Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-222Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-220Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-221Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-205Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-210Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-211Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-204Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-216Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-215Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-224Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-225Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-228Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-238Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-235Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-234Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-239Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-246Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-245Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web Montage-9Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-247ballerinakickmontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-253Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-254Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-255Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-257Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-258Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-260Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-262Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-264Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-265Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-268Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-270Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-240Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-241Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-242Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-244Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-273Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-274Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-276Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-277Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-278Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-287Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web Montage-3Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-283Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-291Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-292Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-295Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-294Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-301Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-304Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-305jakebeermontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-309Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-312Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-313Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-322Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-324Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-330Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web Montage-12Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-334Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-341Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web Montage-10Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-343Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-348Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web Montage-11KnifesmokemontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-355Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-356travrossmontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-360Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-377Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web Montage-5Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-368Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-369Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-388Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-394Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-395Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-398Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-404Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-405cathdropmontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-417Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-420Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-425girlsdfmontageJakob & Zoe Wedding Web-438Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-437Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-444Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-463Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-462Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web Montage-1Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-481Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web Montage-6Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-427Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-440Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-472Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-456Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-522Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-457Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-471Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-519Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-534Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-473Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-526Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-408Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web Montage-13Jakob & Zoe Wedding Web-488