Hello May

Most times you do your work and before you have a chance to realise what you’ve created you’re inundated with more work and you’ve forgotten what happened just weeks before. It’s a really cool thing to see your work printed up in a magazine even when it is to promote someone else’s work, as it reminds you that what you do is tangible, real and lasting, especially in this digital age.

If you’re getting married or even thinking about it, pick yourself up a copy of Hello May as it’s full of great, quirky, creative and interesting inspiration.

This issue of Hello May features two incredibly talented friends of mine, Alastair Innes and Lucy Spartalis of She Takes Pictures He Makes Films shot by me. If you haven’t seen the magic these two create, put down whatever it is you’re doing right now and head on over.

*cover photo by the also stupidly talented Dan O’Day


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